Workplace Services: Bringing in the Best People and Giving them a Reason to Stay


The latest infographic on why workplace programs help leading businesses to attract and retain top talent. Read more

Using On-Site Employee Services to Drive Business Success


Most prospective employees look at your benefits package to consider whether or not to accept an offer. Scaling your onsite programs will help to drive success for your business. Read more

Level up the Employee Experience with Amazing Employee Programs


Today's top companies are delivering a wide variety of onsite programs. Everyone else has only dreamed of competing for top talent...until now. Read more

Energous' Success Story

Case Study

Energous connects with employees through engaging onsite programs in this case study. Read more

The Work-Life Balance Platform: Effective workplace services are critical to happiness and productivity


Retaining top talent requires engaging and connecting with employees by offering them what they want: work-life balance. Read more

The Work-Life Balance Platform


This quick resource outlines work-life balance with easily scaled onsite programs through the Espresa platform. Read more

Espresa Work Life Balance


Discover how the Espresa app keeps your best employees engaged. See video

Energous' Espresa Success Story


Energous executives and employees delight in the onsite programs powered by Espresa. See video

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