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How does it work?

Espresa is a simple Web portal and mobile app that lets companies offer their employees onsite programs at the click of a button. Employers add their existing programs to the platform and select programs they want to offer at work from the Espresa catalog of pre-screened service partners. Employees go to the portal to book fitness classes, order massages, schedule doctor/dentist appointments, order their car wash, etc.

What if a company already offers onsite programs?

Espresa helps organizations streamline their existing programs by integrating them into a single, easy-to-use platform that lets employers offer programs, drive engagement, get analytics and employee feedback. We can help even the largest companies streamline their program offerings with a unified, one-stop-shop, user-friendly interface for employees.

How much does it cost to become an Espresa service partner?

There is no upfront cost or monthly access fee for service partners. Espresa provides demand creation, customer support, scheduling, collection, payment processing and efficient access for service providers to company premises. Contact us for full details.

Why would I use Espresa?

HR departments and administrative staff are often overwhelmed by clerical work, paper-based processes and employee-related support issues. Espresa saves time and money by streamlining an inefficient process, helping you to focus on crafting the best programs to attract and retain employees and make them much more engaged. Espresa's modern apps bring these great programs to employees with a modern consumer-grade user interface.

How do I access it?

Espresa is built on a technology platform that allows employees, employers, and service partners to access information and transact through the Web and mobile devices. We also support all the popular Single Sign On tools like OKTA, OneLogin, ADFS etc to make it easy to integrate with existing IT and HRIS solutions.

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